Temptation and Saying No

People often apologize to me when they eat non-Paleo, or right now non-Whole30 compliant food in my presence. I tell them that it’s completely okay to eat whatever they want without fear of tempting me; I’m past that. They often look surprised to hear it. How on Earth could I be past temptation? Well, I guess it comes down to priorities and discipline.

My first priority is my health. Without it, I literally am nothing else. I need to ensure I give my body the best quality fuel it can have in the right amount to ensure its best chance for staying operational without serious issues for as long as possible. It’s like taking care of your car. You give it oil changes, regular check-ups, perform scheduled maintenance, and put good quality fuel into the car. Not only does this make the car cost you less in the long run, it makes the car last longer.

Discipline is important. Some people confess to lacking much discipline, but I don’t believe that. I think what it really comes down to is a lack of setting priorities that really mean something. Anyone can be disciplined with the right motivation. I know people who swore they couldn’t stop smoking until their doctor told them they had cancer. All of the sudden, these people stopped smoking that very day and never picked up another cigarette again. It’s all about proper motivation.

While my health issues weren’t as dire, they were getting there, and that was untenable to me. I wasn’t about to let my health deteriorate to the point where a doctor had to tell me, “Do this or die.” Now, my cousin came close to saying that to me, but it was’t a specific diagnosis. It was a generalized comment that carried a lot of weight coming from her, a physician assistant. She knows her stuff.

When I see people eating donuts or bagels in the morning, I am no longer tempted. I don’t even feel bad for missing out on them. I used to love them, and sure, if there were a Paleo version that was 100% as tasty, I would certainly partake! But there isn’t, so I avoid them. I love the smell of donuts, but that’s good enough for me now. Knowing how much sugar is in a donut or how many carbs are in bagels turns me off of them completely.

The same can be said for other dishes I really used to love eating: pizza, breads, rolls, pasta, hot dogs, and so many other carb-filled treats and delights. Would I still enjoy eating them? Certainly! But I would not enjoy the harmful effects on my body, nor would I enjoy the weight gain and bloating I always experience when I have carb-rich or sugar-rich foods. It just isn’t worth the short-term gratification for me over my long-term goals.

Therein lies the final fact of the matter: short-term gratification versus long-term gratification. I have goals that are very important to me that have no end date. I want to remain healthy and fit for the rest of my life. I don’t want to sabotage that by eating foods that will derail me or my health. It just doesn’t fit into what I consider to be my normal.

So, temptation? There is no temptation. There is only goals and I will not allow anything to get in the way of me reaching my goals.


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