Whole30 Day 18 Wrap-Up

Another night with little sleep due to friends coming over and keeping me up late. The good news, however, is that I didn’t drink any coffee or tea (or water) past 9 pm, so when I woke up this morning, my weight was back down to its lowest. That made me pleased going into the weekend on a good number.

Breakfast: The PaleoMarine Special: Two eggs sunny-side up and two slices of sugar-free/salt-free bacon. No fruits or veggies because I’m going to get more at lunch.

Lunch: On Fridays, my friend Steve and I go out for steak lunches, and today was no different. I had the usual garden salad with oil and vinegar (I also have them hold the cheese and croutons) and a 6 oz filet mignon, 6 grilled shrimp, and a baked sweet potato. This is an amazing lunch, and I really enjoy these on Fridays! It’s amazing that this entire meal is Whole30 compliant!

Dinner: For dinner, Sherry and I went out to a local favorite, Nadia’s Mediterranean food. I had the combo platter which had a few pieces of beef, chicken shawarma, and kafta served with toum (a garlic sauce), a few grilled tomatoes and onions, and some salad. The proprietor also gave us a side of babaganoush with cucumber instead of bread, which was really delicious. I didn’t eat all the salad, but I did eat the rest. I was very satisfied afterward. Of course, I forgot to take photos; sorry!

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