Whole30 Day 20 Wrap-Up

I got a lot of sleep and woke up at what is my lowest weight in 2018 which is the same as it was about a week ago. Considering the food I ate yesterday, this makes me very happy. My pants are all much looser now, and certain shirts are noticeably looser. All my size small shirts and sweatshirts fit perfectly again.

Breakfast: Pulled pork, egg, and apple casserole. I think the serving size was a little small, but I knew I was eating four hours later, so I let it go.

Lunch: About a third of a bowl of butternut squash soup and a bowl of Sherry’s chili.

Dinner: I ate one of last week’s prepped foods: the jambalaya. It was really delicious and along with the spaghetti squash, very filling.

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