Three Weeks of Whole30, and…

file (1)I feel great! My weight has reached a low that’s a little higher than I like, but honestly, Whole30 isn’t just about weight loss for me. It’s about how it makes me feel, how I relearn to eat better foods and readjust my serving sizes. In those regards, it’s going great!

I need to make sure I get more sleep, and that I get back to my running three times a week. Right now, I’ve been hitting the road once a week, and that’s not nearly enough. I’ve been lazy, and with the bad weather, not willing to run in the extreme cold or rain. Now that better weather is back, I can be out there for my minimum 3x a week.

The strangest observation I’ve had was that the food we are eating now isn’t different from the food we normally eat, which is to say delicious and satisfying. I remember the first time we did a Whole30, Sherry and I had not yet learned to cook Whole30-compliant well enough, and things were a bit bland. It wasn’t until we learned about the importance of spices that food became delicious. During that first Whole30, we struggled to find foods that were really good. Sure, they were satisfying, but we didn’t really know too much about the foods which is why Sherry has been compiling the list of recipes on her site of everything we’ve found and enjoyed. She hopes to help people on their first Whole30’s find foods that are delicious and satisfying. Being satisfied with good tasting and filling foods is so important to making a Whole30 a success.

All in all, I’m glad we are doing this again. I am looking forward to being done with it so that we can indulge in certain treats again (I miss my Saturday morning blueberry Paleo pancakes!), but most of all, I’m happy for the adjustment. It was much-needed and welcomed.

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