Whole30 Day 24 Wrap-Up

Today is day 24 of my fourth Whole30. I feel great, and I remind myself often that it’s because of the quality of the food I’m eating that I feel so energetic. It’s amazing the difference good food makes.


Breakfast: The pork, apple, and egg casserole Sherry made for me on Sunday. I can’t say enough how much I love this stuff (and her, too!).

Lunch: I had the beef and sugar snap peas that Sherry made for dinner last week and refrigerated as left-overs. It was even better today than the first time! The beef was so tender, and the peas were very sweet and tasty without being soggy. Definitely a winner!

Dinner: Pulled pork and a sweet potato. This was from the readily-available stash of food we keep in the refrigerator to make quick dinners with when we want to skip the prepped meals which we eat for lunch and we’re strapped for time. It was very delicious, and it definitely filled me up!

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