Watching Friends and Family Fail on their Diets


It’s tough to do, but after two years of showing the way, being successful at losing weight, and trying to live the example, I’ve had to give up on some people. These folks have ignored everything I’ve said, shown them, or explained. They ignore the evidence that is as clear as the nose on their faces: that eating a low-carb/high-fat diet works in making you healthy and helping you lose weight.

I just watched someone else I know posting on Facebook all the work they’re going through to try to lose some weight. Their method: eat lots of fruit, eat all day long, and portion control. The number of people who are successful on this type of diet is very small, so it’s akin to watching someone douse themselves with fire and then start playing with a Zippo with one hand.

If I could accomplish just one great thing in this life, it would be my hope and desire that people would learn about LC/HF diets and their benefits. Along with that, it would be to dispel all the horrible, bad, and harmful information we’ve been taught for the past 40 years that low-fat is good for you, that grains are beneficial, and that sugar is harmless.

I am not giving up on you, dear reader. I am here for you, and I will carry on and continue blogging. Maybe those friends will change their minds and catch on that maybe I’m not just making this all up, and that there is some veracity to my claims. Until then, I will continue on here, as I have, as the PaleoMarine.

2 thoughts on “Watching Friends and Family Fail on their Diets

  1. Just wanted to say “thank you” for the great posts. I too am on a journey to healthier living through Paleo. After 5 1/2 months of eating low carb/ high fat, I have gone from being borderline between 46-48 waist down to 42. I have not begun the exercise phase of my journey yet but continue to lose weight and inches. And not just around my waist but every part of my body.
    I enjoy reading your posts daily, mostly for information but sometimes for motivation. I recently shared one of your posts with my father, who is diabetic. He really became interested in the Paleo lifestyle when he noticed how much weight I was losing. He has since begun his own journey towards a healthier lifestyle. At 78 no less!

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