Whole30 Day 25 Wrap-Up

Not enough sleep again last night due to friends coming over, but after a slow start to the day, I feel great again. Weight is up a bit due to the lack of sleep, but I’ll fix that Saturday morning. I plan on sleeping in on Saturday to catch up a bit on the sleep I’ve been missing out on this past few days.


Breakfast: The pork, apple, and egg casserole I’ve been enjoying all week. I really do love this stuff! It starts my day off a bit dandy.

Lunch: Being Friday, it’s our “Go Out to Eat” day. We typically eat lunch, but today, I took Steve to a new place: Sammy’s Wild Grill. I had the mixed grill which consisted of an emu steak, kangaroo on a skewer with onions and green pepper, and a sausage made of elk. It was served with sweet potato fries. Now, the only item that was suspect was the sweet potato fries, but I asked, and they said they cooked them in coconut oil, so I’m somewhat okay. The lunch was delicious and filling, but I forgot to get a photo of it.


Dinner: Friday nights is when we have dinner with friends, and they prepared for us a lovely Instant Pot cooked Mojo Pork with Tostones and Spicy Slaw. The pork was very tender and delicious and the Tostones are plantains that are cooked in coconut oil and squashed to be sort of a plantain cake. This was an amazing dinner, and super-delicious!

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