Why Paleo?

img_6780Why did I go Paleo when there are so many other low-carb/high-fat diets out there? For Sherry and I, it seemed like the natural progression from Whole30. Once we completed our first Whole30, we felt like we had learned a lot about food and how our bodies react to them, and we felt so much better than before, that we wanted to adopt a diet that was similar to Whole30 but a little less restrictive.

Where Whole30 asks you to avoid foods I call analogues, or those that are made with grain but can be made with other foods to make them Paleo-compliant, Sherry and I wanted to have a little more flexibility in eating the occasional Paleo dessert, or perhaps eat a pizza or some bread (both Paleo, of course).

What makes food Paleo? If you can make a bread without grain flour, for instance, and use almond flour, casava flour, coconut flour, etc, that makes it Paleo. Sherry has made many different foods for us like pizza, waffles, pancakes, breads, and even fudge that are all Paleo-compliant.

While Paleo-compliant doesn’t always mean we can just go nuts and eat dessert every night, it does give us peace of mind that we’re eating foods made from whole, natural ingredients that are good for us. We try not to overdo it, and limit our consumption of things like Paleo chocolate chip cookies (which are, in my honest opinion, at least as good if not better than the real thing!).

I also have found that it’s been easy to find food that is Paleo compliant at restaurants when we go out, and friends have had an easy time making foods that are Paleo compliant for us when necessary.

Finally, it just feels right. It makes sense, and it has helped Sherry and I stay thin and healthy. It allows us to feel good in the mornings, to get good sleep, and to maintain our weight. Oh, and there are literally millions of amazing recipes available online for delicious and filling healthy foods.

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