Giving yourself the best chance to succeed

In case you’re wondering, that’s iced tea in the glass.

Do you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed with weight loss, fitness, and better health? Then do what I did: read a lot. Seriously. The more research you can do, the better chance you have for success because you give yourself as much information as necessary to get past any stumbling or roadblocks you may encounter.

Many times, when people I know who have adopted the Paleo diet and failed tell me it’s because they couldn’t quite follow the plan or had really bad cravings. They didn’t know how to proceed. That’s where the reading comes in. Often times, it’s the rules that get you. What rules do I mean? Well, specifically the types of food you can and cannot eat.

Before we did our first Whole30, Sherry and I did a lot of reading. We try to find out as much information as we could, and to make ourselves as familiar as possible with what we could and could not eat. We found a bunch of recipes, and we learned which foods we already ate that we could continue eating and continue to be Whole30 compliant. We also read about what to expect, including things like the first week flu-like symptoms. This allowed us to know what to expect, so that when we encountered or experienced these things, they didn’t come as a surprise. We had a strategy, and we knew how to overcome these difficulties.

People mistakenly think that the results that Sherry and I experienced are not normal, and that somehow, we got lucky. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we did, anyone can do. All it takes is following the rules, and sticking to the plan. No cheating, no sabotage, and no taking a break from eating right. It’s important to note, that my weight loss for the first year, 110 pounds, all came without exercise. Anyone can do what we did, regardless of physical ability. As long as you have the power to put things into your mouth and feed yourself, then you have everything you need to eat right.

Give yourself the best chance for success in losing weight and reaching better health. Do the research. There is a lot of free information available to you on the web, libraries, or for purchase at your local bookstores. The more information you arm yourself with prior to taking on a new lifestyle through a new diet, the better chance you have for success.

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