Do you know someone who needs free (and without strings) help to lose weight?

paleomarinecomimages_4_original_bueenboc3zkI want to help. Seriously. And there are no strings attached and I don’t ask for any money. I just want to help people get healthy. I’m all about motivation and giving people advice, sharing my journey, and giving tips and tricks I’ve learned on my way from 312 lbs to 160 lbs.

Feel free to message me or email me at I will gladly offer advice, answer questions, and share anything that may help.

3 thoughts on “Do you know someone who needs free (and without strings) help to lose weight?

  1. Thank you for the offer. You and Sherry have both already helped a lot with your posts, honesty, and examples. My biggest hurdles are emotional eating and needing a swift kick to get moving again. You had a very strong point: feeling old isn’t accurate. It’s actually feeling unhealthy. These months are the window before the warm weather to once and for all get the weight
    o-f-f!! Wish I were in the military in a way! How ‘bout I exercise 3x before Sat. I will follow up with my report. Promise.

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    1. Thanks! Be careful with the exercise and don’t overdo it. If you do exercise three times before the weekend, make sure you’re working different areas to give each area you work a chance to rest/heal. I run every other day for this reason and have been injury free for two and a half years.

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