I’m a science experiment

file-4I kind of chuckled when I thought about it, but I’m literally a walking, talking, and breathing science experiment. I went from fit to fat and back to fit again using science.

Fit to fat: lots and lots of eating without any exercise and without any control at all. This led me to weigh over 312 lbs.

Fat to fit: lost 110 lbs in a year without any exercise, and another 40 lbs the following year. I was successful because I used science: low carb, high fat really works.

As I work on getting back to my lowest weight, I find myself turning to science and experimenting. In going to the Keto diet, I’m also using exogenic ketones to help kick-start the process. I’m monitoring my ketone levels through strips that test my urine, and I am keeping track of the carbs I eat along with the fat and protein. I should make a tri-fold poster board and make a science fair project out of it!

The point of this silly post is that all of this weight loss and health improvement work I’ve been doing is all based on science, but we are all very different. Our bodies have different genetic makeups depending on where our ancestors were from, and different things work in different ways for all of us. That’s why it’s necessary for us to experiment and analyze the data to achieve the most efficacious plan for us. What works for me may or may not work for you: only experimenting and tweaking will get you the best results.

It is this reason that I get irked when someone tells me that a certain food doesn’t  affect my weight when I know first-hand that it does. The same holds true for certain foods that my stomach just isn’t friends with anymore. I’m sure some people can eat all the potatoes and hard cheeses they want, but when I do, I bloat and get digestive issues.

One last point: don’t use the scale as your single source of data. It’s a horrible way to analyze your health. Sure, weight is important, and it’s a good general way to quantify your health with a number, but there are so many things to consider. Track them all, and use your data points to paint a more complete and accurate picture.

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