It’s been a few days. How do I like Keto as compared to Paleo?

Well, it’s interesting. I feel like my energy levels are a bit elevated. I do feel different, although Sherry hasn’t felt anything different yet. I’ve avoided the Keto Flu, though, and I’m sure that’s due in large part to the exogenic ketones I’ve been taking as part of my transition into ketosis. Note: this is NOT ketoacidosis. That’s something completely different.

As for the food, I find it refreshing. There are foods we are able to eat now that we’ve been avoiding for over two years, but there are now foods we’ve grown accustomed to eating that we now avoid, namely fruits. Sherry has been doing a great job of finding all kinds of amazing recipes for us, and the food has been nothing short of stellar. Sherry has taken her experience with undertaking Paleo cooking and applied it to Keto cooking, and the results have been extremely positive. Everything is tasting great!!!

Sherry has been getting excited after an initial general unhappiness about transitioning to Keto based on her past experience with it while I was on my National Guard annual training. She suffered pretty badly from what is known as the “Keto Flu,” and it’s the reason she’s had a lot of trepidation about going Keto with me. After I found exogenous ketos which are supposed to alleviate the symptoms during transition from glycolysis to ketosis, she decided she’d give it a try. After our first few days, it seems that the exogenous ketos are doing their job and are making our transition pretty painless. Better yet: I feel more energetic, and I got back into ketosis pretty quickly and easily!

Back to the food: do I think I could do this long-term? Perhaps. It definitely takes more work to stay in ketosis, but the way I feel and the food I can eat are pretty darned good. Time will tell how long we stay on it. One thing’s for sure; when we go on our vacation to Ireland and Scotland, we will not be following either Paleo or Keto. We generally like to experience cultures through not only the sights and sounds, but also through the food and drink. But that’s a long time from now. For the time being, we’re keeping calm and keto-ing on!

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