We Have to Eat

To eat Portillo’s hot dogs or to not eat them? The decision is yours.

People mistakenly assume that my incredible weight loss is due to a lot of exercise, and nothing could be further from the truth. I did begin running in September 2016, but I lost less than a quarter of the amount of weight in the following year than I did in the year previous. While the amount of weight lost as a ratio was still pretty good as compared to my total weight, it’s harder to lose weight when you are thinner than when you are storing a bunch of fat. I’ve been unable to run due to a viral respiratory infection for nearly three weeks now, yet I’ve still managed to lose some weight through diet. And I don’t mean a short-term diet. I have been eating Paleo for nearly two and a half years, and I’ve been eating Keto for the past few days.

The reason why nutrition is so important is because we all have to eat. We don’t have to exercise to get through our day. This is a fact. While I prefer running over not running, I can survive the day, the week, and the month without running, but I couldn’t do that without eating. None of us could. So, we eat. But rarely do enough of us really consider the long-term implications of our nutritional decisions when we eat. The American Diet, so-called because of its high carb content, is horrible for us. Visceral fat abounds, and people autopsied or dissected after death who ate the American Diet exhibit lots of visceral fat. Even thin people show fat on organs. These are the “Fat Inside/Skinny Outside” (FISO) people. I was not one of these: I was a “Fat Everywhere” people. But I digress.

I eat healthy because everything my body takes in as nutrients, calories, or anti-nutrients all enters through my mouth by way of decisions I make and actions I take. I can eat grilled shrimp or a hamburger. The result on my health will be very different based on that very simple decision. Multiply that decision daily for each meal, and then weekly, and then monthly. It all adds up to making a lot of healthy decisions. Fortunately for me, it’s been pretty easy to make the healthy decisions on Paleo, and honestly, so far on Keto, it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We all have to eat. We don’t have to exercise. If you want to lose weight or be healthy, eat right. It’s a simple answer to a very complex problem. It definitely sounds easier than it is, and it requires a lot of effort, research, and dedication to follow it through. But at its most basic level, if you eat right, your body will be healthier.

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