This Keto Experiment is Winning


Yesterday, I lost 3 lbs. The day before, I lost 3 lbs. I feel amazing with none of the flu-like symptoms some people experience, and my stomach is looking as good as it was prior to Christmas. It’s taken long enough, but it’s nice to be back here again.

The part I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around is that I’m eating lots of fatty food and even lactose-free cheese, and the weight is coming off. I know: science is the answer. Ketosis is the reason, and it all makes sense, but it’s still amazing to me. After a life of hearing, “Low-fat is healthy!” it’s hard to think otherwise.

While I was eating my two eggs sunny-side up with three slices of bacon coupled with drinking chocolate by Lakanto (with a scoop of Perfect Keto exogenous ketones in it), I thought about my dinner last night: 1/3 lbs beef hamburger with sliced bacon in the meat and two slices of bacon on it with a fried egg. Sherry made some fathead bread buns for the burger, and I was certain my weight would be up a pound or two this morning. But, something crazy happened. Well, two crazy things. First, I felt full. Incredibly full. That’s probably why I was so certain I was going to weight more the next morning. Second, I actually LOST weight in the process.

Am I in ketosis? Most likely. I have ketostix, and they show I was in mild ketosis yesterday, but I didn’t use the sticks this morning. Why? Because I’ve read that the sticks are only helpful early on and then they stop being effective after your body becomes more efficient and ketoadapted. I may check my levels tomorrow, but I might not check them with ketostix anymore after that. I will use what I learned while on Paleo in regards to my body health: how do I feel. If I feel great, my clothes continue to get looser, and I see movement on the scale, chances are I’m in ketosis. If all of these factors point to plateau, then I will adjust and carry on.

I’m pretty pleased with my results, with how I feel, and I’m optimistic for the future of this way of eating. I’m finding more and more information about keto that is really appealing to me, and the more I read, the more I’m seeing how solid the science is. It’s more science-based than a belief system which has always been one of my criticisms of Paleo.

Does this mean the site (and I) will change names? Not yet. But I don’t count it out. It all depends on how long-term I can handle this. If my past few meals have been any indication, however, I can probably do this long-term. The food has been amazing, and the way I feel is better than I thought possible. I dare say I am (in Charlie Sheen’s voice) “WINNING!”

10 thoughts on “This Keto Experiment is Winning

  1. So grateful to you for posting what you’re eating! And so appreciative that your wife posts recipes on her ‘OurDailyBacon’’ site. Thank you to both of you and please keep posting your meals!


    1. Thanks! I’m planning on posting what I’ve been eating on Keto, but I keep forgetting. Also, it’s more difficult on Keto because you’re supposed to track macros, and I honestly don’t know the exact macro count per serving. I just know I’m in Ketosis right now at roughly 4 mmol/L, so I’m doing pretty good with the fat/protein/low-carb count.


      1. I’m having a hard time finding your recommended products. I opened your site and couldn’t find it. I feel I’m pretty tech savvy lol.

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