Knowledge brings a desire for deeper learning

When Sherry and I began our journey to better health, weight loss, and fitness, I never thought it would take us to where we are today. It seems that Whole30 opened the door to a life of much better health, fitness, and adventure. It even took us to new diets: first Paleo, and currently Keto.

I find myself fascinated by nutrition science, and I read about it, listen to podcasts, and I even attend Paleo|fx every year. I enjoy learning about new concepts, study findings, and new foods that help me stay healthy.

As I drove into work today, I was thinking about this as I listened to a Keto podcast. I thought about many people I know who are into Paleo, Keto, or LCHF lifestyle. They all follow many of the same habits I’ve formed: a love for learning as much as we can to ensure we’re optimizing our health.

Health habits are not unlike any habit; they grow as you dig deeper. My son was into cars, but now his life revolves around his project cars, the repairs, enhancements, wheels, etc. As his level of experience and expertise rises, so does his desire to learn more. The same has held true for me and nutrition.

You may not be that interested now, but as you continue to dig deeper and take on the LCHF lifestyle, you may find yourself wanting to optimize your diet to get the most out of your food for your health. Good habits bring about more good habits. Keep on seeking that knowledge!

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