How difficult is it to dine out on Keto?

Sherry and I have dined out about half a dozen times in the past two weeks after adopting the Ketogenic diet, and I have to say, it’s been pretty darned easy. I might say it’s even been easier than trying to eat Paleo (which we were, admittedly, pretty much always able to do without too much difficulty)

Mediterranean, Mexican, seafood, steak, wings: we’ve eaten all of these with ease, and so far, no matter where we go, we’ve been finding it pretty easy to find keto-friendly foods. All restaurants have butter, so asking them for some melted butter to serve with things like broccoli, fish, shrimp, and even steak has been very simple. Sticking to green leafy vegetables as well as squash, cauliflower, broccoli, and green beans has also caused us no issues.

We do get the crazy looks when we turn down nacho chips at Mexican restaurants, but at our favorite Mexican restaurant, they know not to even ask. With over 70 visits there in the past few years, they know us well.

As long as you stick to meat and vegetables, add some butter or hard cheeses (swiss, provolone, etc) to your food, it’s easy to keep your dining out keto-friendly.

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