Sabotage vs Slipping

paleomarinecomimages_19_original_bueenboc3zk(1)I felt it’s important for me to make a distinction between my last article and a concept I talk about from time to time: sabotage.

When I say it’s okay to have a slip every now and then, I meant that for a few reasons. One, there are people (like myself) who beat themselves up over it when it happens (and that’s not okay), and two, because life happens. A small slip, especially on a holiday, special occasion, or on a rare occasion, is not the end of the world. It’s not a great thing, but it’s okay. You will get past it, and you will continue to make great strides toward better health and (if it’s your goal) a lower weight.

However, what is NOT okay is to make it a regular acceptable occurrence. This is what many people refer to as Cheat Days, or Cheat Meals. I see them as sabotage days or sabotage meals, because when you are on a LCHF diet, especially on Keto, one cheat meal can completely sabotage your progress for weeks. Why would you work so hard and then give it all back in a single day, or even in a single meal? That makes no sense to me.

Back to my last article: if you are the type of person who can emotionally and physically deal with a meal here or there that is not 100% compliant and you’re not doing Keto or going for weight loss, then more power to  you. If you are working toward a weight loss goal, are in ketosis, or are on a Whole30, then sabotage is not okay, and it should not be acceptable to you. Ever.

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