Picturing Sugar Cubes

sugarOrganic and Healthy doesn’t really mean that the food is good for you. While browsing the Organic and Healthy section of our local grocery store, I was once again dismayed at the lack of LCHF options. Almost every item was high in carbs: often 20g or more of sugar carbs per serving. That’s healthy?

One sugar cube is 4g of sugar. When reading labels, I picture sugar cubes as I translate the grams of sugar contained in a serving. What is amazing to me is when you see a package of “Healthy, Organic Cookies” and a serving has 37g of sugar, yet if you were to take sugar cubes, you could hardly fit them into the package the cookies are in. How do they cram so much sugar into a package?!?!?!

Another trick is that certain foods have very small serving sizes. I looked at a tiny container of some sort of “Healthy” food, and it was about 1.5 cups in volume, yet the label said it was 2.3 servings. Each serving was 160 calories with something like 12g sugar. That’s over 8 sugar cubes in that tiny container!

I should write an app that displays sugar cubes with augmented reality on the object containing the sugar so you can visualize the amount of sugar in the food item. I think it would be an eye-opening experience to see just how much sugar is in foods that shouldn’t have them.

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