The Keto/Paleo Experience

img_1428So far, so good. My wife has been keeping our diet primarily keto with a smattering of Paleo. What that means to us is that we do have the occasional artificial sweetener, but only those that don’t affect insulin levels (erythritol, for example). We also use dairy, but only those that are lactose-free.

This has opened up a world of foods to us that we’ve not eaten in over two and a half years, namely those with cheese on them. On Paleo, Sherry would prepare foods that had artificial or facsimiles of cheese made from things like blended cashews, and while they tasted good, they weren’t exactly cheese. Now, having cheese back in our diet has been pretty darned amazing. There’s nothing quite like cheese on a pizza (made on a dough that also has cheese in it and browns nicely!).

As for health, my weight has been holding steady, and I feel pretty good. I have to admit that on pure keto, I felt a bit sharper in the mornings, but I still have a lot of energy throughout the day, and my meals are as delicious and filling, if not more.

The other change we’ve made is we’ve really began limiting the sugar or carb content of our food even further. While I’m not actually in ketosis now (I can feel the difference and the Keto sticks confirm this), I can get into it if I want to. I have trace amounts of ketones in my urine, which means I’m teetering on it at any given time. Not that this does anything for me other than keeping me as low-carb as I possibly can.

Some people argue that we need carbs because our bodies run off glucose. Sure, this is true, and it’s why we don’t eliminate them. But our bodies are resilient, and study after study is showing how diets rich in carbs are bad for us and may be the cause of or at least a major contributor to many maladies including cancer. Limiting carbs has done much good for me, and I feel much better. The limited carbs I do allow have helped my running speed, reducing my times in a big way.

So, my verdict so far is that it’s working. My body seems to like the amount of calories I give it with the activity level I currently enjoy, and that means I’m in solid maintenance. Would I like to lose another 10 lbs? I think almost anyone would say that they’d like to lose 10 lbs; the only difference is that I’ve already lost 150 lbs. Sherry says I’m being greedy; maybe she’s right.

2 thoughts on “The Keto/Paleo Experience

  1. EJ, will you and your wife be creating any type of compiled meal plan book in the near future? I would be very interested in one if create one.
    Amy Dienberg

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