The Monthly Refrain…

image-1-2You lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym. I feel like this has to be said almost monthly because of the number of people I run into who tell me that they are joining a gym to lose weight. I ask them what lifestyle changes they are making to accommodate that, and so far, none of them have told me they are changing their diet. When I flat-out ask them, they look at me as if I had a third eye on my forehead. They assume that no changes in diet are necessary if they are going to be “Sweating it all off” in the gym.

When I tell them that weight loss happens in the kitchen, they scoff. They tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, and that they know someone who joined a gym and lost a bunch of weight. I’m certain it happens, because I’ve spoken to a few people who have done the same thing. The problem is that it is a very few people. Most who achieve great weight loss through a gym workout have also made lifestyle changes and eat very differently than they did before their fitness plan took root.

I know many people who have tried to out-exercise a poor diet, and they all failed at losing weight. Every single one of them. Only those who changed their diet and lifestyle to a healthier one have made any appreciable changes in their weight, and only those who completely adopted a new diet have made great gains and kept them off.

A gym membership or daily running won’t make you lose weight. Changing what you eat, how often you eat, and what goes into your mouth is what makes the biggest difference.

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