I write in advance and schedule my posts

img_7594Thank you for following my blog, and for reading my posts. In case you’ve ever wondered why my posts almost always show up right at 0800, it’s because I write my posts days, and sometimes even weeks before they post. I try to keep a queue of posts in the pipe, so to speak, to ensure content arrives daily for my followers. Sometimes, it creates challenges when I write something and forget that it’s not actually going to come out for another week or two. Case in point: my Whole30 daily food logs. In those cases, I had regular posts scheduled each day, and then around 11 am, I would post the previous day’s food log. It seemed to work well, and I think was a good practice.

Tomorrow, I depart for my National Guard training this month which, for me and a few other Soldiers, will be five days. Yes, normal training is one weekend a month, but sometimes, we skip a month here and there to allow us to do longer exercises over a longer period. We are an artillery unit, and it takes a lot of resources to move, setup, fire, and then tear down and store our equipment. This also means that I’m going to be unable to write for that period, so I’m having to write ahead of time.

Some of the things I’m writing deal with things I experienced on my last annual training as it pertains to Paleo and my health journey. Others are just thoughts that I’ve been working on that need to be posted, so they’re placed in the queue with the others.

I enjoy my drills, and while I’m going to have fun out there, I look forward to getting back home, sitting by the pool with my iPad, and writing more posts.

3 thoughts on “I write in advance and schedule my posts

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and long hours, but it’s fulfilling to enable the soldiers around me to be trained properly and to succeed in their own careers. What they learn and practice during our drills may very well save their lives, and that’s no small motivation.


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