This is something I had to learn when I first started my healthy journey with that first Whole30. I was eating foods that I had been taught my entire life were bad for me, yet I was feeling better and losing weight. On top of it all, I was no longer diabetic and so many ailments I was suffering from were all going away. I had to trust in the process and surrender to the wisdom and knowledge of those who had done the work before me and led the way. Surrender doesn’t mean failure. It means trusting the process.

Thriving Under Pressure


Surrender is not giving up. Surrender is not giving in. It’s trusting in something so much bigger than yourself. Something you can’t quite see. Slowly unfolding. Quietly expanding. One peaceful, surrendering moment at a time. 

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One thought on “Surrender.

  1. Your words are an empowering example of surrendering. Especially since it goes against the take charge person that appear to be (control is my middle name). But as we’ve both discovered with the wisdom of the ages, surrendering is the ultimate show of power.

    Thank you for sharing my post! So grateful!

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