The Norm isn’t Normal

10155174_10201735995070724_398134265941691052_nI was walking through our local grocery store last weekend, and it’s the first time I paid attention to the body composition of people there with me. This was’t scientific in any way; just an observation of common, normal people in a grocery store with me on a Sunday morning. What I saw was shocking. I don’t think I ever noticed how many obese people there are.

I posted a few years ago about a documentary from Ireland that I watched where they showed footage of a street right after WWII in Dublin compared to the same street in 2016. It was shocking. Right after WWII, people were thinner and looked healthier. In 2016, most of the people on the street were obviously overweight. In 60 years, people have went from being overall thin to overall obese. And sadly, instead of tackling the issue and trying to fix it, society is trying to normalize being “Big-boned” and “Plus-size.”

I want to make something very clear (once again): I am not fat-shaming anyone. Not even in the general sense. I don’t think it’s fair or right to shame ANYONE, and I certainly don’t pick on anyone for their appearance. However, I believe it’s fair to point out IN GENERAL TERMS and WITHOUT SINGLING ANYONE OUT that we have a problem with the current obesity epidemic.

What bothers me about today’s society is that it is considered normal to be overweight and obese. People just eat anything without regard for the food’s effect on their health, and they wonder why they can’t lose weight when they walk 10,000 steps a day. Then, when they try and fail to lose weight, they blame genetics or some medical condition instead of tackling the problem: the food they eat*.

We have already begun seeing the results of this obesity epidemic in reduced life expectancy and in the increase in Type-II Diabetes in children and adults, and in the weight-related maladies that are taking the lives of many people far younger than their parents and grandparents were when they died. This is all preventable with a little diligence.

The new normal is not normal. We need to collectively refuse to accept obesity as normal, and it begins with compassionate advice to those who just don’t know how to eat right. Yes, I said it. It’s an education problem. It’s not a race-related, sex-related, or socio-economic related issue. It’s an education problem, and few people realize that sugar (carbs) and our high-grain diet are killing us. Until people stop accepting all the sugar in their food and drinks, the problem will persist.

*Yes, there are some people who have legitimate issues that make it difficult for them to lose weight, but it is very rare and far too many people use these conditions as a crutch.

2 thoughts on “The Norm isn’t Normal

  1. I agree with all of this, except one minor point of contention. Sometimes the inability to lose weight is due to a medical condition. And there are a wide variety of medical conditions that can cause this problem. HOWEVER, nearly all (I’d actually venture to say all) of those medical conditions are caused by the food people eat. Doctors won’t tell them this. Heck, most conventional medical doctors weren’t taught that. Conventional medical school offers a shockingly small amount of education on nutrition, and most of that is 20 or more years out of date. (And also funded by industries that benefit from keeping us obese, but that’s another rant.)

    This might seem nit-picky since my ultimate conclusion is the same as yours–eat better food and you will ultimately lose weight. But IMO it’s an important nitpick because many people go through a Whole 30 or some other attempt at healthy weight loss without immediate scale-related results, get frustrated, and give up. But sometimes your body needs time to heal by being fueled with healthy, healing foods before it will start to let go of the weight. (This can be especially true for women because of hormonal imbalances.)


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