I love the LCHF life


I love the LCHF life not because it’s allowed me to lose 150 lbs.

Not because it’s allowed me to reduce my A1C to where I’m no longer diabetic.

Not because I no longer suffer from fatty liver disease.

Not because I no longer suffer from circulation issues in my feet and legs.

I love the LCHF live because I am finally alive.

Because I can live adventures, go outdoors, climb ladders, stairs, and ropes, and because I can live the life I always dreamed I would live when I got older. Because I’m able to enjoy things with my wife like traveling, going on wine trails, shopping for days, and doing all kinds of silly adult things. Because I’m able to serve my country, my state, and my community as a Soldier in the National Guard. Because my health is better and I will hopefully be around to be a grandfather.

I love the LCHF life for all it’s given me, and most of all, I love it because the food is delicious, it fills me up, and keeps me from cravings between meals. Of all the things it’s given me, the liberation from the shackles of the sugar dragon is what I appreciate the most.

People think I’ve given up so much, or sacrificed so much to lose weight and get healthy, but nothing could be further from the truth. If giving up sugar and grains was the cost, I will continue to pay it for the rest of my life gladly and with a smile on my face. Nothing is better than the life I live right now.

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