You motivate me

Yes. YOU. The person reading this very post, right now. You are a motivator to me.

There are times when I am running and I feel like stopping. My last run was one of those; it was difficult because my legs were still sore from my previous run, and with all the tree pollen in the air, my nose, sinus, and throat were all sore and very painful. I wanted nothing more than to stop running, to end all the pain (or at least to minimize it), but I thought of you. I thought of what you would think if I stopped before my scheduled end for no reason other than discomfort. I thought about what kind of example that would set when I keep telling you to push past discomfort into success.

So I kept running.

And do you know what? The discomfort subsided, I found my stride, and I was able to push through and finish my run. It wasn’t my fastest, but it was a good, solid run, and I felt a huge rush of success when I finished. My post-run walks are typically a half mile, and I was smiling for the majority of it because I was able to get past what was a difficult run for me. They aren’t always difficult, but sometimes, for whatever reasons, it takes more motivation to get through than others. Life is like that, and there are days where eating right is the same.

Temptation, hunger, and appetite are things we have to work on to succeed in living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight. I have to deal with those things, too, from time to time, but again, YOU motivate me to stay strong, to not allow myself to sabotage my own progress (or maintenance), and to continue to be a good example.

I have many motivators, but there are times when all that comes between me and quitting is you. I know that it may seem like a cliche, or that it may sound insincere, but I can’t be more serious: I honestly think of people reading my posts when I try to rationalize quitting or skipping a run.

Thank you for the support, the nice comments, and even the likes. They all contribute to my motivation, and to my success.

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