Post-Field Exercise Food Report


I just got back from a weekend drill in the field, and it went very well. Aside from the good training, I had a chance to eat the food I typically take with me, and once again, it proved to be not only enough to fuel me during the high-intensity periods, but it also tasted good and felt filling.

I ate Epic Bars as my main protein source and I supplemented that with an RXBar and sometimes, with some almonds or perhaps a protein chocolate bar. All in all, I felt like I was able to eat my food quickly, though I did tend to savor it a bit, and it was a lot less trouble than the MRE’s.

The meals that were served to us were 180 degrees from the food we were served at our last annual training (AT). This time, there were actually options I could partake in, including bacon and eggs, ham, and/or fruit for breakfast and baked chicken wings for dinner. There were a few other meals that were served that I skipped, like pasta and chicken, but that was okay; my own stash of healthy foods kept me going.


I enjoy my drills, and even though they can be very demanding both physically and mentally, the sense of accomplishment afterwards is great, and the memories made with fellow soldiers are golden. I really feel fortunate to be able to serve at my age, and I work hard to ensure that I am worthwhile and worthy of being there. The day I can no longer hack it is the day I hang up my boots. Until then, it’s GO GO GO (with healthy foods)!

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