Being Honest With Yourself

IMG_0017I was once told that the scariest conversation you can ever have is one you have with yourself. A truly deep, honest, and frank conversation with yourself in the mirror. I tried it a few times, and yes, it can get scary. I even avoided them for a long time until one day I had a conversation with myself in the bathroom after I got out of the shower and got a glimpse of my body in all its morbidly obese glory.

“Oh my God, man. You’ve really got to do something about this.”

“Yeah, but what?” I replied.

“Something. Anything. What you’re doing now isn’t working. What you’ve allowed to happen to your body is going to kill you. Don’t you want to see your kids grow up to be parents? Don’t you want to meet your grandchildren? Don’t you want to be around longer to annoy your wife?”

“Sure. I want all those things. But I don’t have the willpower anymore to exercise and work out and to do the hard work it takes. I give up. I’m going to die obese, and probably soon.”

“And you accept that? You think that’s okay?”

“I don’t know what else to do.”

I stood there for probably a few minutes. It felt like hours. I was at the end of my rop. I didn’t know what else to do. What else I could undertake to drop the weight. What the conversation did do, however, was spark my interest in seeking out methods to lose weight.

I stumbled across /r/progresspics on I looked at all these people who had lost weight, and I read their posts. I started seeing a trend: either they used CICO or LCHF. I tried CICO and it didn’t work for me, so I figured LCHF might be the way to go. The rest is history I’ve related many times on this blog, and here I am.

Be honest with yourself. If what you’re doing isn’t working, there might be something else going on that’s keeping you from succeeding. Whether it’s something you’re doing or something medical or genetic, there is a reason for lack of success on an LCHF diet. But be honest. Being anything less does a disservice to you and won’t help anything.

4 thoughts on “Being Honest With Yourself

      1. Ok thanks. Started Keto 2/25 down 9.1 and 69 to go but I’m never hungry. Very happy eating this way. Your posts are so inspirational.

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      2. That’s GREAT NEWS!!! I’m so happy for you! It’s pretty amazing once things get going on Keto and how much better you feel and how little you crave between meals (if ever)!!! Thanks for the update!

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