Respect Yourself

20180109aSticking to a healthy lifestyle demands a lot of discipline, motivation, and perseverance. There are temptations at every corner, and often, there’s not much available that is healthy. I’ve been in those situations many times: lots of food, but either few options, or even occasionally, no healthy options at all. What’s a guy who is trying to live healthy to do?

I either mitigate through very small portions, or I abstain completely. I don’t do this because I have superhero discipline or because I am more motivated than others, but because I have respect for myself, my body, and the process I’m going through to live healthy.

I have put in the work, as they say. I have spent a long time getting to where I am today. To reverse that, to put it into jeopardy, or to otherwise sabotage that time and effort would be disrespectful to myself. I just can’t do it.

I see people posting on Facebook talking about how they are trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, and then I see them (literally within hours or days) posting videos of recipes that are FILLED with sugar, grains, and other foods that are not in line with a healthy diet. It makes me scratch my head in wonder.

If you want to really make a difference in your health either by losing weight or getting fit, respect yourself and commit. Don’t do anything that contradicts your goal, and don’t do anything that sabotages your progress.

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