Obesity isn’t a sentence

img_6470I used to feel like there was no way out of obesity. When I weighed 312 lbs (at 5’7″), I felt like life was passing me by, and that there was no way out of the sentence that was obesity. If it wasn’t for Whole30, Paleo, and Keto, I’d still be wallowing in that misery.

I was miserable because it hurt to tie my shoes, I couldn’t walk more than a few hundred meters without getting exhausted, and I always felt hot. Not to mention my failing health including fatty liver disease, Diabetes, and poor circulation in my legs, I was getting myself into a dire situation. I was also miserable when I had to try to fit into a seat on an airline, was seated at a booth in a restaurant, or had to otherwise fit into a normal space.

But something wonderful happened: I was introduced to Whole30 and Paleo, and I took a leap of faith. I decided to commit to it with all my heart, and to give it all the effort I had to give. I wouldn’t allow anything to get in my way, and I was determined to see it work. And it did.

The most amazing thing I learned was that health and weight loss are a product of what we eat, not of the physical activity we participate in. This was my barrier to getting healthy: I couldn’t imagine the amount of physical exercise that would be necessary for me to lose 150 lbs. Fortunately, I was mistaken, and eating right took care of the weight and my health for me.

Obesity doesn’t have to be a sentence. It’s a condition you can reverse by eating healthy, natural foods and by cutting carbs and sugar out of your diet. It’s not easy in the beginning (the sugar dragon will fight you tooth and nail) but once you are past the withdrawls, it gets much easier, and the benefits become apparent almost immediately.

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