It’s Not As Bad As I Made It Out To Be

So, I’m not eating good food, and I’m eating too much, but I’ve noticed something today: I’m not nearly as bad off as I thought I would be. That’s not to say I think that eating lots of carbs, grains, and sugar is okay. It’s not. It’s just that in my mind, I had this idea or fear that eating any amount of grains or sugar would cause me to swell up and gain weight like crazy.

But I didn’t.

So, at least some of the fear has subsided for me. I am heavier, and yes, a bit puffier from water retention, but it’s not the end of the world. It’ll go away when I eat well, and my weight will get back down to where I like it to be. I haven’t run again since that first time in Dublin, but I plan on running either tomorrow or the day after, so I’ll at least get some cardio while I’m here. I ran twice in Spain over the two weeks I was there, and I will do at least that as a minimum while I’m here in Scotland.

So, it turns out I am my own worst enemy when it comes to putting fears into my head. It’s good to eat right, and I lost 150 lbs eating well, but eating like crap while on vacation isn’t the end of the world. Oh, and I’m having a great time, too!

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