Never Give Up

I tried more than once to lose weight, and I failed. Miserably. I even gained all the weight back and then some after each attempt. The main reason I failed was because I didn’t understand the relationship between diet and weight loss as compared to fitness and exercise. On top of that, for me, eating carbs and sugar and grains kept my weight up even when I tried to count calories. That just didn’t work for me like it works for others.

When I finally did a Whole30 and then went Paleo, I found great success. Going Keto a few times also gave me the weight loss I had always looked for, and adopting a Paleo and Keto combination diet has allowed me to maintain my weight for almost two full years after starting my weight loss journey nearly three years ago. Although I’m on vacation right now and I’m not being strict with my diet, as soon as I get home, I will be right back to weight-loss mode, and I will be as strict as ever.

I never gave up trying. I realized that not every method works for everyone. It was up to me to find what did work. Although I thought of attempting Whole30 as sort of a last-ditch effort to get healthy, it validated what I’d always known: we are all different, and we lose weight in different ways. I know people who have been successful with Calories-in/Calories-out. I know people who went low-carb. I know people who can eat carbs and still lost weight. I just wasn’t one of those people. I’m lucky I found what did work for me.

If you’ve failed before, that’s a good thing: you have now confirmed what doesn’t work for you. Now, try something different. CICO didn’t work for me. Extreme fitness didn’t work for me. Whole30, Paleo, and Keto did. Find your path, find your success, and stick with it.

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