Fat Flush?

OK. I know a lot of people are desperate to lose weight and to get healthy and they are always on the lookout for some shortcut or easy way to drop some weight and to lose some fat. There are as many products out there designed to steal your money help you lose weight and fat as there are colors in the world. There’s one huge problem with these products: the vast, overwhelming majority are nothing but lies.

Just this morning, I saw an ad on Facebook for a fat flush. Allegedly, if you drink this concoction, it causes fat in your body to somehow be flushed from your body. If only stuff like this actually worked!

Products like this ignore science, and prey on those who are desperate to make progress in losing weight. These people are the ones who have been lied to by educators, by friends, family, the medical profession, nutritionists, and the government. These people have tried so many other methods that have all failed that they’ve lost nearly all hope of losing weight in a healthy or safe manner. If only more people realized that sugar really is the root of obesity and so many health problems, and not fat.

Is there such a thing as a fat flush? No. There is not. I wish it were illegal to advertise fraudulent products like this designed to literally steal money from people, but somehow, it’s not. All they have to do is say that their results have not been confirmed in a lab or study and somehow that makes it legal. Let’s not point out the fact that the print that says so is often very small and visible for only a few seconds. But I digress.

Don’t fall for the products. Lose weight and get healthy the right way: through diet (and exercise, if you also want to get fit). I have laid out the basics, and the Internet is full of sites that can help you do it the right way. Remember: if something seems to good to be true, it usually is. Fat burners, fat flushers, and weight pills/powders/products are all nothing more than elaborate schemes to empty your wallet and to fill someone else’s.

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