It’s more like stairs, not a slide

Scottish StairsLosing weight. When you first start to lose weight, you lose pretty quickly. The first 10-20 lbs, as long as you’re doing the right things, comes off easily enough. Then, however, things change and it gets more difficult to drop those pounds. I’ve found that when I track my weight (which I have been doing since I started in September 2015), my weight drops like steps on stairs rather than in a nice, linear fashion (like a slide).

I held steady at 179-180 lbs for the past two weeks. Then, in one day, I weigh 176 lbs. How did that happen? I have no idea. I’ve read theories as to why that is: fat cells get flushed after 30-45 (I’ve also read it’s up to 90) days of non-use. So, if you can keep from allowing those fat cells to store fat, the body will decide that they are excess and let them die. Is this actually what happens? Maybe. Maybe not. Did they over simplify it for us non-medical people? Perhaps. Either way, the fact remains that in my experience, my weight has dropped in steps, and I don’t lose weight little by little, day after day.

It’s important to make note of these trends when you are trying to keep yourself motivated and having to stick with a diet when faced with temptation and options that are not healthy for you. When you know what to expect, and you know that there will be many days when your weight doesn’t actually change, you know that you have to just keep doing the right thing, eat right, and wait for it. The drop will come. It’s a matter of when, not if.

You are not alone. It’s aggravating, and sometimes no matter how perfect you are doing everything, results don’t show up immediately. You have to wait. You have to trust the process, be patient, and just keep doing the work. Besides, when the drope does come, you will feel so much more accomplished because you waited it out. You stuck with it, and you persevered. Nothing easily gained has value.

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