I know someone who lost a lot of weight on…

IMG_6470If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this, I’d have a lot of money. “I know someone who lost a lot of weight eating only vegetables,” or “…eating only potatoes,” or “…eating cabbage soup,” etc. I don’t doubt that people have been successful on these fringe, alternative, or deprivation diets. It’s possible to lose weight eating just about anything as long as the amount of calories you put in your mouth is less than the amount of calories your body expends in a day. Now, not all calories are made alike, and some are healthier than others (100 calories of apples vs 100 calories of a Snicker’s bar), but ultimately, calories in < calories out will result in weight loss.

What I have found, however, is that the more delicious, varied, and healthy a diet is, the easier it is to adopt it long-term and to stick to it without temptation, cheating, or cravings. That’s why Whole30 and the Paleo Diet have worked so well for me: I get to eat lots of delicious foods that don’t bore me and fill me up.

What you decide to eat is your decisions. I have made my choice, and while it works for me, it may not necessarily work for you. That’s why I advocate finding what works best for you, and then sticking to it. Whatever you do, make sure it’s a diet you can adopt long-term, and that it is something you are comfortable with. The more comfortable you are on a diet, the higher the probability of success will be.

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