Back to Running

After an absence of two weeks from the roads outside my house, I was finally able to return to running today. I hurt a nerve in my lower back while stretching during physical training during annual training, and I was advised by the doctor there to take it easy for a week or two to let it heal properly. Against my own wishes, I followed his advice, and I waited out the two weeks. It was tough, but after today’s run, I have to say it was worth it.

I ran slow: a 10:30/mile pace over the 3.2 miles, but afterward, I felt great. Sure, I was tired, but I wasn’t sore. On top of that, I actually felt amazing. I’ve missed how I feel post-runs.

Sure, I don’t always want to start running. Heck, I think the vast majority of the time, I try to find reasons to not run, but in the end, I can’t find a good enough excuse most of the time, so I just do it. I’ve not yet regretted starting a run, but I do regret every run I have talked myself out of.

I plan on continuing with my running as I was before: 3-4 times a week. I will continue with that while at my military school next month, and I’m hoping to be well back in the swing of things within two to three weeks.

As for push ups, I was able to hit 60 without any problems. My arms, it seems, are still just as strong as before. My legs are probably in much better shape than I’m giving them credit for, but I wanted to take it easy. I did have a little knee discomfort in my right knee at the beginning of the run, but it faded after the first half mile.

30 minutes, three times a week. That’s what you should be shooting for. It doesn’t matter if you are walking, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming, or anything else. Just do something for your heart. You aren’t “Burning fat,” but you are using up calories that otherwise might have been stored up. If you do that often enough, you create a deficit of calories as long as you don’t increase your caloric intake. The net result is weight loss and better heart health.

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