Holiday Celebrations

This weekend, I celebrated the birthdays of no fewer than 8 friends (mine included!). We had a great time, and while I did my best to eat right (I did!), I also drank lots of alcohol (I did that, too!). The net result was +5 lbs of water weight the next day.

I expected it, mentally prepared for it, and had a plan for the next day: I ate perfectly. This morning’s result: down 2.5 lbs already. I will continue to eat well this week, and should be back below my “Feel okay about my weight” threshold by Wednesday/Thursday.

I wouldn’t be obsessed about my weight were it not for the fact that I need to remain within height/weight standards for the military. I could easily pass the bodyfat portion of the height/weight regs, but I need to hold myself to the higher standard otherwise I would allow myself to gain too much weight and be back in trouble with my weight. I just know it (because I know me and how I can start justifying things).

On another note, I had to take off from running again for nearly a week due to dropping a rifle on my left foot. Initially, I thought I may have broken my foot, but fortunately, it was just a deep bruise that still hurts a bit, but it should be good enough for a run tonight after work.

So, minor setback this weekend, but it was all about celebrating good friends and life. I’d rather deal with the aftermath having had a great time than to have missed out on it.

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