Freedom to Eat Anything

Featured Image -- 11273Wouldn’t it be great if you could just eat anything you wanted to without consequence? Sure it would, but for the vast majority of us, we can’t do this without paying the piper, so to speak. For many years, I ate without giving a second thought to what effect that food intake would have on my body, and I certainly paid the price. I had gained enough weight to leave me morbidly obese and facing numerous health issues to include diabetes. Fortunately, I was able to turn that around through diet.

When I did my first Whole30, I found it to be restrictive, but I felt it was necessary, and that the sacrifices I was making were going to enable to me get healthy, perhaps lose some weight, and maybe even live a little longer. That first Whole30 ended by exceeding my expectations, and when my wife and I adopted the Paleo Diet, we went into it hoping for more improvements in our health and more weight loss. Once again, we were met with success, and it made carrying on through Paleo that much easier.

As time went on, we eventually reached a weight that our bodies were comfortable with and we went into maintenance mode. We found ourselves eating off-plan every now and then, but something crazy happened: the Paleo Diet became just the way we ate, and once our minds made the switch, we were once again back to eating anything we wanted. The trick was that everything we wanted was made with whole, Paleo-approved ingredients.

Another thing that helped was that Sherry found many recipes that were not only good but in many cases exceeded the non-Paleo recipes of the same dish. This made it feel like we weren’t sacrificing in the quality or flavor of our food, and in face, the satiety of the foods was increased so it felt better to eat (and not get cravings quickly afterward).

People often lament having to give up favorite foods, or being unable to eat what they want anymore without thinking about it. With a minor change in what is considered normal and part of the choices available, the Paleo Diet becomes just the way you eat, and then every meal is pleasant and something to look forward to. I know mine are.

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