Walking Everywhere

Something I thought about as I had to walk from the barracks to the DFAC to the classroom and then back to the barracks and back to the classroom again this morning was the fact that three years ago, even the mere thought of that much walking would have been daunting to me. Actually walking it would have worn me out. This morning, however, the only annoyance in the act itself was that it took up so much of my time. I would have preferred to run, but I didn’t want to be sweaty in class all day.

My life is radically different than it was three years ago. Not only am I healthier, weigh less, or more fit. I am also now a soldier in the National Guard, I live a much more active life, and I am able to undertake just about anything I can think of, or any adventure my wife cooks up for us. These are all things that were impossible for me to even consider three years ago.

What got me here? Eating right. No, I didn’t run every day, I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t take any pills, powders, patches, products, or have any medical procedures done to alter my body. I just ate healthy foods made from whole ingredients and avoided anything with added sugar, all grains, dairy, legumes, and soy.

People think it’s hard to give those things up. Sure, it wasn’t easy, but once I got my mind into it, it became easy. It became normal. What once may have sounded crazy or weird became normal and then something even stranger happened: I grew to not only accept my new lifestyle, but to actually enjoy it. I love the foods my wife makes for us, and I enjoy finding new foods all the time, whether they are foods she makes for us at home, or healthy foods we’re able to find out and about on our adventures.

Life is completely different now, but it’s healthier, fuller, and filled with more freedom and adventures. I did have to give up some things I loved like pizza, pasta, and bread (don’t even get me started on bread pudding!), but I gained so much more. I can now walk anywhere, for any distance, and not dread the mere thought of it.

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