Keeping Motivation Going on a Business Trip

So, I’m on a business trip of sorts, undergoing training in the National guard. It’s not your typical business trip: instead of a hotel, I live in a barracks (which is a lot like college dorms, truth be told) and I eat at a dining facility, also known as a DFAC. This means that there is always something going on to do, someplace to go, and food choices that are rather limited.

I’ve been learning to work within the constraints of my current situation in regards to nutrition. My primary concern is to ensure that I eat right and fuel my body with the best quality food as possible. Unfortunately, DFAC food is likely not the healthiest, as there are always more carb-heavy choices available than meats and good vegetables. However, I’ve been able to mitigate any negative impact this high-carb environment might have on me.

It would be easy to just say, “The heck with it!” and eat anything they serve. I could even try to do so in moderation. But we all know how moderation diets work (hint: they don’t). Even with their healthier choices (like bacon), I’m pretty sure it’s cured with sugar. That leaves steamed veggies at lunch and dinner, or salads. As you might know from reading my blog, I am not a salad-only kind of guy, even if that’s the only clear healthy choice available.

So, I compromise. I eat the least-bad food (in this morning’s case, the bacon) and skip the hash browns and waffles. The eggs are the best option, but they only give one ice cream scoop-sized serving (they literally will not give a second scoop, even if they see that it is all you are eating) which makes me augment my bacon and eggs with a medium-small apple. It fills me up, and while I’m sure the sugar count is higher than I’d like, it’s actually a pretty healthy breakfast.

Lunches are easy to stick to healthy-ish options, as there’s typically always some sort of meat I can eat and at least one steamed veggie as well as the side salads. It’s dinners that have been challenging, but not because of what the DFAC serves. It’s because I’ve been going out for dinners with other soldiers.

In these cases, the dinners are where my willpower is tested the most. I’ve already posted about eating Ton Katsu (Japanese panko-breaded pork cutlet) and last night, I had chicken wings (healthy) with some ranch (Keto-healthy/Paleo no-no), and some waffle fries (Paleo-ok/Keto no-go). The net result? I should be just fine. But I need to start limiting my exposure to foods that are not as good for me.

Staying with the healthiest options is my first priority, and what motivates me. Trying to drop some more weight while I’m here motivates me. Being around all these young people motivates me. But, like anyone else, the pull of yummy foods that aren’t so healthy is strong, and it’s a fight I have to undertake daily.

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