DFAC Update

img_3986I was excited to get orders to go to school for fire direction control in the field artillery, but I wasn’t very excited about the prospects of having to eat at the Army Dining Facility (aka DFAC). I had memories of the food they used to serve us when I was on active duty in the Marines, and I had heard horror stories about the carb-heavy offerings.

To say I’ve been positively surprised would be an understatement. At every meal, without exception, I’ve been able to find options that would fit nicely into a Paleo profile, or even into a Keto one if I wanted to. The food has been delicious and plentiful.

Tonight, I had grilled chicken breast with Brussels sprouts and green beans along with a side salad and an apple for dessert. Most of my meals are similar, but with different meats like Italian sausage, fish, pork, beef, etc.

So, I’m doing well with the food here. I’m actually enjoying it, and not suffering (like I thought I would be).

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