Today, I’m headed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have a rare day off, and we’re using that opportunity to go to Philly to check out the Revolutionary War Museum, the Liberty Bell, Constitution Hall, and a place that’s important to Marines: The site of Tun Tavern (where the Marine Corps was founded in 1775).

While there, I have decided that I will have to try some Philly Cheese Steak, and a cheesecake. I know: they are DEFINITELY not Paleo, but at age 51, this is only the second time I’ve been in Philadelphia, and the first time I’ve actually had time to visit, look around, etc. I’m sure as heck going to try some of the local cuisine the city is famous for.

I’m going to make sure every other meal is strict: it’s all about mitigating the impact of some bad foods on my overall diet and health, but I’m willing to take the detour to experience the city. This is what I always recommend: take the chances, go off the path, but mitigate the impact as best as you can.

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