Getting that run in


I feel relieved. After the crazy food-fest that was Saturday, I wanted to be able to run yesterday. The weather was conspiring against me, however, and it appeared that I wouldn’t be able to run due to non-stop rain. Fortunately, the weather gave me a break at around 7:30 pm, and I took that opportunity to get a 3.3 mile run in. I even had the best pace of my time here at Fort Indiantown Gap! Better yet, I felt great afterward!

File_001 (1).png

I’ve been trying to maintain my 3+ runs a week since falling off that routine last year, but things like some minor injuries, vacations, and activities have gotten in the way. Fortunately, I’ve had ample free time after my classes here to get my runs in every other day, and my body is rewarding me with getting fitter, faster, and stronger.

The other benefit is that I’m burning more calories on the days I run which, in turn, hopefully is burning some of the excess calories I’ve taken in on those days. The food here has been healthier than I expected, but my portions have been bigger than normal, and while I don’t have a scale here in the barracks, I expect to be up as much as 5 lbs when I get back home later this week. I plan on getting right back to my home-cooked meal routine quickly and sticking to a very strict portion-size Paleo diet when I get home.

Running is great. I never thought I’d say that, let alone think it, but I truly believe it. It’s free (with little expense in shoes and socks), can be done just about anywhere, and is something that can be done in 30 minutes three or four times a week. I highly recommend people work up to being able to run for 30-minute stretches if at all possible. the difference in my mood, mental acuity, and in the quality of rest I get on the days I run is noticeable.

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