Philly After-Action Report

So, how did it go in Philly? It went great for tourism and for seeing the city, but as for my diet? Not so well. I ate so much bad food, that I am certain I will be feeling the effects for at least three to four days.

I started the day with two sausage links (small ones) and some scrambled eggs. Good enough, right? Well, when we got to Philadelphia, I had a cheese steak sandwich (which was AMAZING by the way!). I followed that up with a dinner consisting of fried chicken and waffles that I coupled with a chocolate shake that had Creme de Menthe in it. DELICIOUS!!! For dessert (yes, there was dessert!), I had a chocolate mousse cake.

Do I feel bad? Emotionally/psychologically, a little bit. I worry that this will make me gain some weight. But logically, I know it’s all temporary water weight, and it will go away in a few days. Also, I plan on running later today, weather permitting. If it’s raining, I may go to the gym on base here and try to run on a treadmill (which I hate, but I have to do SOMETHING).

So, in short, I had a great time, but now I will have to pay the piper. But it was worth it!

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