What a weekend


My first full day back home was yesterday, and it started with attending the funeral of a fellow National Guard Soldier who passed away last week. He was, sadly, one of the 22 service members who die at their own hands each day in the United States. He was a great soldier, mentor, and leader, and his loss will be felt for a long time. For some, it will be a loss that will never be fully reconciled. As a result, after the service, many of us who knew him well got together and celebrated his life and memory the way we do in the military: loudly, and with copious amounts of alcohol.


It was also my son’s birthday, so I made buffalo wings (Paleo compliant, too!), and after eating the wings, a group of Soldiers came over, and we indulged in drinking. A lot. The net result is that I had a lot of extra carbs in the form of alcohol, and I now have a little more to “Work off” in the coming weeks. I know that most of the extra weight I’m carrying right now is water weight and that it will go away rather easily this week, but the past three weeks also added some more permanent weight I will have to work off. I will start on that tomorrow (and tomorrow’s post will detail the plan I have to get back to my target weight).


For now, I will continue to enjoy the fleeting moments of this weekend off, and I look forward to getting back to brass tacks tomorrow morning.

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