Getting Back to Whole30-ish Discipline


The past three weeks were filled with long days and some not-so-long days where I was able to go out on liberty and have some non-Paleo food and drinks, and the result of all that eating was that I came home weighing the same as I did when I left: that is, a little over my max allowable weight (to be fair, I’m well below the body fat limit, but I like to remain below the max weight). So, with Sherry’s help, I will be eating very strict Paleo starting today. So strict, in fact, that it’s almost Whole30.

I am not starting a new Whole30, though, because I want to have a little bit of wiggle room with some SWYPO foods here and there like the occasional chocolate chip cookie that Sherry made this weekend. No, I won’t have them daily, but I will likely have one every now and then as a treat.


I’m also resuming my running this morning. I had to take a week off from running due to the hectic schedule of the last week of school coupled with horrible weather in Pennsylvania as well as the two days it took me to get home from Pennsylvania due to a travel snag in Charlotte. I am actually looking forward to resuming my running; my legs actually feel achy when I don’t run. Weird, but true.

I have about 15 lbs to lose to get me back into my happy zone. 20 lbs would be even better, and it’s my long-term goal. So, here’s to me kicking off another strict period of my journey, and as always, I’ll be posting about it and how it goes.

Healthy living is something you have to live all the time. Even when I was eating off my normal plan, I was always mindful to mitigate the impact of my choices and tried to limit the off-plan eating to a single meal, or to a max of two meals per day followed by many days of eating well. This weekend was a bit of a “Off Plan” weekend due to attending a funeral of a fellow National Guard Soldier and a celebration in his honor later that night.

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