Alcohol and it’s effect on weight

I’ve not been as careful as I should be, and my weight’s gone up beyond what I consider to be acceptable. Starting Monday (after the end of my drill weekend), I will be back to very strict Paleo just like I was when I first adopted the diet back in 2015. There will be no desserts, no big portions, and very little eating at restaurants. Absolutely NO alcohol!

That has been my biggest problem: alcohol. I don’t drink often, but these past few weeks have put me into situations where I imbibe far more than I normally do, and the effects have been staggering. The amount of weight I’ve gained due to alcohol consumption has been truly mind-blowing, and I now understand why it’s so hard for people who drink alcohol to lose weight.

I see this as a learning experience. Since adopting the Paleo diet back in 2015, I haven’t ever really allowed myself to consistently drink alcohol except while on vacation (twice in three years). I thought that the weight gain I experienced was due to the non-Paleo food I ate. I think I may have been wrong since I’ve gained as much in the past two weeks as I normally do on a vacation, and yet I’ve had no non-Paleo foods in any quantity.

So, next Monday, it’s back to square one. I have 15 lbs to lose. I will get it done!

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