Confession Time: Back to Brass Tacks

img_2617This past week was one filled with lots of bad nutritional decisions, but it was calculated. It was my wife’s birthday week coupled with a staycation and the Labor Day weekend. That meant it was a perfect storm for lots of non-Paleo foods, lots of alcohol, and throwing caution (and good eating habits, apparently) to the wind. The result? This morning, I weigh 183.8 lbs, and my 32″ waist pants feel a bit tight. Contrast that with my normal/comfortable 165 lbs where 30′ waist trousers feel just right.

This week also coincides with the three-year anniversary of the start of our healthy nutrition journey and our new lifestyle. In that time, I lost 150 lbs, got fit, and became a soldier in the National Guard. Now, I’m back a few steps, but Sherry and I have recommitted ourselves to getting back to our healthy habits. Starting this morning, we both are doing what we call a non-committed Whole30. That means that we will be eating Whole30 compliant foods except for those times when we are with friends and can’t do so. We don’t want our friends to have to conform to our diet. Besides, we’re not in crisis mode. Sure, we both gained weight and we both have a good chunk to lose to meet our goals, but we’ve done this before, we know how to get it done, and we know that it’s just a matter of eating right and trusting the process.

I have 18 lbs to lose. That’s a lot, but I know that I can do that in three months easily. I am also going to restart my running regimen. I skipped a week and a half due to bad weather and excessive heat (coupled with a lazy streak I’ve not felt in years). Today, I’m back in the right mindset. Even more so, in fact: I’m going to up my running from 3 times a week to 5 times a week (or more). I’m also looking at re-starting my Kettlebell regimen to prepare for the new Army CFT (it doesn’t start for another year, but I might as well start preparing for it).

We all slip and fall sometimes. Even me (and I say that, because people seem to think based on comments, messages, and emails that I have some sort of superpower when it comes to sticking to a good eating/fitness plan). Now, I’m doing what needs to be done: getting back to healthy foods, healty portions, and good exercise.

This week marks three years since I first went down this path. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished with my wife, and proud of the fact that we kept the vast majority of the weight off. I am a bit annoyed with myself for the cavalier attitude I’ve had these past few months in regards to my nutrition and coming to a head this past week. But I am optimistic, I am determined, and I will persevere.


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