Why give up a balanced diet?

I’m going to get right to it: the balanced diet idea is a myth. We need a mix of vitamins and minerals in our food to maintain our health, but those nutrients can come from many different sources. It is NOT required for us to eat certain portions of grains, sugars, meats, or vegetables and fruits every day. It’s important we eat a good amount of healthy, natural foods (preferably whole before used to prepare your meals), but it’s not necessary to eat something from every “Food group.”

I put “Food group” into quotes because it’s a made-up idea. “Food groups” were developed in the 60’s and 70’s for school children in an attempt to educate them on varying their diet by pushing the 4-4-3-2 plan. Four servings of grains, four servings of fruits and vegetables, three servings of dairy, and two servings of meat. This was based on pseudoscience, at best, and is largely to blame for today’s obesity epidemic.

When people ask me how I lost 150 lbs and I tell them that I cut sugar, grains, beans, soy, and alcohol from my diet, many admonish me for adopting such a “Harmful” or “Dangerous” diet, and tell me that it’s much better for me to eat a balanced diet. Many more tell me that my diet deprives me of too many important food groups, and that eventually, I will face many health problems. When I explain to them the many health problems that have been solved since I adopted the Paleo Diet, I am often told that it’s only a short-term or temporary “Fix,” and that in the long run, my health will pay the price.

It is this very mindset that I combat on this website. It is this misinformation based on pseudoscience I fight daily, and it is my sincere hope that people do the research and realize that what they’ve been taught their entire lives is wrong: there is no need for a so-called balanced diet of basic food groups.

I eat meat and vegetables with some fruit here and there. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything I eat is healthy, purchased whole, and prepared in our kitchen by my wife with my help. We eat recipes that contain ingredients that are always healthy, and we source our food as ethically as possible. Because of this, my wife and I are healthy, and we were able to lose a combined 215 lbs without the aid of exercise. Nutrition alone is the primary source of weight loss, and the foundation of good health. Food groups have no part in this, and is an idea as antiquated as the 8-track. Literally.

4 thoughts on “Why give up a balanced diet?

  1. Great post! From my own research, I couldn’t agree more. The concept of a balanced diet and the food pyramid that was promoted in the 60’s/70’s/80’s was very misinformed. It is amazing how long it is taking today’s scientists to figure this stuff out…not wanting to let go of the past and admitting that mistakes were made. Have you seen the documentary “The Magic Pill”? It is available on Netflix and discusses this very issue.

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