We’re only human


I make mistakes all the time, just like anyone else. I receive compliments in person, via email, message, or comments about how amazing it must be to have such self-control, motivation, determination, and perseverance. The truth is that I falter, just like anyone else.

There are times I eat too much. Sometimes I drink alcohol. Sometimes, I’ll even allow myself bread pudding or chocolate cake for a dessert. Over the past few months, I’ve allowed all of the above far too often, and as a result, now I have to work hard to drop weight I’ve gained.

The difference between the new me and the old me is that now, I know how to handle failure: I get right back up, dust myself off, and keep going. The old me would let a day of eating bad food derail my motivation and determination in seeing a new lifestyle through. The new me, however, sees it as a temporary setback, a little hiccup, and I then continue on the original path to success.

Adopting a new lifestyle is tricky because there really is no destination. It is the proverbial journey that never ends, and I had to get used to that idea to be able to embrace it. That makes it okay every now and then to stray off the path as long as I get right back onto it. Don’t beat yourself up if you stray. Just find your way back to the path as quickly as possible and avoid as many of the diversions as you can. It’s the most you can expect, and the best you can hope for.

One thought on “We’re only human

  1. So true! I have always viewed a ‘diet’ as temporary….until I get to my goal! This way of thinking does NOT work. Always went back to old habits. You really hit home with me today! Thanks for your post.

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