How I Look Isn’t Important


Do I like how I look now that I’ve lost 150 lbs? Certainly. However, that wasn’t the reason I lost weight. I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle because I wanted to be healthy, avoid discomfort, and possibly give myself a chance at living a longer life (you know, so I could annoy and chase my wife around longer).

I hear too often that people think that weight loss is all about how they look. I think that this is a problem our society has: we base too much of a person’s value or worth mainly on appearance. We teach little girls to be pretty, little boys to be handsome. We criticize and tease those who are overweight and call them names like, “Fatty,” or “Tubby,” which causes them to have issues with self-worth and self esteem. As these kids grow up, they become adults with low self esteem that feel they need to change their appearance to be accepted.

If your sole reason for losing weight is because you feel under pressure to do so because of society, please think about it. Doing anything for other people is difficult, at best. I implore you to reevaluate your reasons for doing this, and make sure that it’s a positive change that you are making. For you to be successful long-term, this needs to be for yourself.

We need to place less emphasis on how we look and more on how healthy we are. I see many articles in media today about acceptance of obesity and people who are overweight, and I understand what they’re getting at, but I think people are latching on to the wrong aspect of it. Being obese is not healthy, it’s not good for anyone, and it most certainly causes health issues and increases mortality. With that said, nobody ever should be ridiculed, criticized, or preached to based on their weight. Nobody should be ever made to feel less important due to their weight.

I undertook a healthier lifestyle for my health, for my comfort, and so that I may live a little longer. I don’t know how much more time I bought myself by getting healthier, but I can’t help but to think that I was on a much steeper down-hill tumble when I was morbidly obese.

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